Welcome dinner vs. Wedding brunch: for a memorable wedding weekend

Today more than ever, when most couples imagine their wedding in Italy, they think of it like this: an intimate wedding that lasts at least two or three days, surrounded by a unique and typically Italian atmosphere. And it is right here that the “challenge” comes into play: Welcome dinner vs. Wedding brunch. But how do you organize these unforgettable extra wedding days? What are the differences? Let’s find out together!

Welcome dinner vs. Wedding brunch: where to start from?

Think about this scenario. There are 24 hours left until your wedding. Some of your guests are starting to arrive at their destination, perhaps from afar. Despite the pre-wedding anxiety, you want to spend time with them, make them feel welcome, and enjoy their presence. Rather than choosing who to see and what to do individually with each one of them, the perfect option is a beautiful welcome dinner.

The concept of the welcome dinner is this: to welcome, with an informal and unconventional party, all those people who will share with you and your sweetheart one of the most beautiful moments of life. This is the very first moment that kicks off the celebrations of your wedding weekend with toasts, smiles, and stories/moments of the couple shared with everyone.

From here, your guests can start enjoying the magic of the Belpaese, with typical Italian meals and background music. Last but not least, pay attention to the timetable. In this case, the celebrations must be contained to ensure that everyone arrives in great shape on the “Yes!” day.

Organize a Wedding brunch to thank those present

And when the big day comes to an end, what happens? An excellent way to relax with your guests and thank them for their presence is to organize an unforgettable wedding brunch the day after the wedding.

The advice is to start by ten in the morning to make the experience as relaxing as possible. But not only that, but in addition to the classic brunch or barbecue solutions, you can also organize experiential activities in the Tuscan hills or the beautiful wineries of the area. Some examples? Cooking class, wine tasting, a Vespa ride, or truffle hunting.

Where to create it? In the wedding venue, in a nearby location, or in another one easily accessible by those who have slept nearby. Also, remember that the wedding brunch is an excellent opportunity to taste the local cuisine and make the area known. A sort of “postcard from Italy” that, instead of being sent, is experienced in first person by those present, remaining forever in the heart, among the most beautiful memories of the Belpaese.

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