5 activities for your wedding weekend in Tuscany: here are some unforgettable experiences for your guests

Tuscany is a land of scents, flavors, history, and traditions. It is a destination that has always fascinated and stolen the hearts of those who visit it or discover it through photo stories, words, or memories of those who have experienced firsthand its landscapes and beauties.

Today Tuscany represents the Italian dream destination for every wedding day (or wedding weekend).

What could be more beautiful than living and making the guests live every corner and wonder? Here are the unmissable 5 wedding weekend activities in Tuscany that need to be on your list.

5 activities for your wedding weekend in Tuscany: a mix of traditions, good food and nature

Speaking of authentic experiences to try out, in Tuscany, there is no doubt that there is always something to do for everyone. From the inevitable culinary experience to the moments of relaxation surrounded by artistic and cultural beauties, up to the discovery of nature and of the hilly landscapes, as you have never seen them before. In pure Made in Italy Style!

1.Cooking class

When we talk about Tuscany, we cannot forget its culinary delicacies, typical of the local tradition. So why not choose to live together with the guests or close friends an authentic culinary experience starting from creating the different dishes?

5 activities for your wedding weekend in Tuscany

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From the realization of the classic Sienese pici to the most elaborate recipes such as caciucco or the famous pappa al pomodoro, to get to the memorable desserts such as cantuccicastagnaccio, or the Siena Pan Forte.

With the aromas, the flavors, and the hands immersed in the dough, fun is guaranteed. But not only that, you will always have a bit of Tuscany with you, even once you return home!

2.Wine tasting

Whether it is a Vineyard Wedding or simply a day with family and friends, wine tasting is another inevitable activity to be included in the to-do list.

A real immersion in the world of wine starting from its origins, in the middle of the rows, to get to the visit of the cellar. Here you can discover all the methods of production and vinification of the most famous wines of the territory, such as Bolgheri wines, Brunello, Chianti Classico or Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Accompanied by a sommelier, the wine tasting will turn into an unforgettable sensory journey, during which you will perceive aromas and flavors that you have never experienced before

3.Outdoor concerts between archaeological sites and nature

Suppose the wedding is planned for the summer. In that case, one of the 5 activities for your wedding weekend in Tuscany is participating in musical concerts or theatrical shows within archaeological sites such as the Roman amphitheater in the archaeological area of Fiesole, a wonderful village just above Florence. There are also fantastic summer concerts within the beautiful walls of the San Galgano Abbey.

5 activities for your wedding weekend in Tuscany

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Thus, the notes will echo at sunset or under the stars, making you live an unforgettable evening, unique!

4.Discovering the Tuscan hills on a Vespa or in 500

The Tuscan hills are famous all over the world. Very few have had the privilege of discovering them and observing them “in motion” and in pure Italian style. Is this something impossible? Absolutely not!

It is one of the experiences of living in Tuscany that will allow you to observe the territory and its natural wonders from another splendid perspective. How? By riding a Vespa or aboard a FIAT 500. Two undisputed symbols of our Italian spirit and of the memorable Dolce Vita.

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried back in time… your journey has begun!

5.Searching for… truffle

Not everyone knows that Tuscany is a region known for truffles. San Miniato is the city that most represents it, located on top of three small hills, overlooking the lower Arno valley, between Pisa and Florence. The treasure it holds is the white truffle of the Samminiatesi hills.

5 activities for your wedding weekend in Tuscany

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The search and tasting of truffles are one of the most evocative and unique activities that can be done. Together with the truffle hunter and his inseparable dog, with his superfine nose, you can personally go truffle hunting with your guests and then taste what you have found. Just as it happens during the splendid Truffle Experience of Savini Truffles.