Winter wedding in Tuscany: tips to make it magical

Bridal couples often prefer the summer season, full of light, with longer days and outdoor locations to pronounce the fateful “Yes, I do!”.

And what about the winter season? It’s a time of the year that is still partly underestimated for weddings, but I’ll tell you a secret… The winter season is one of the most evocative; I would dare to say perhaps the most “magical.”

Winter wedding in Tuscany: when Christmas is inspiring

These weeks we find ourselves in that time of the year when houses are filled with garlands, trees, decorations, and pendants of all kinds, as the most loved holiday by young and old is about to arrive: Christmas. Right now, we are surrounded by a fairy atmosphere that makes us spend our days with a different warmth and energy as the cities and landscapes change with the arrival of December.

With the right scenario, the background can change. Therefore, with a tailor-made project for you and your sweetheart, even in the winter season, you can enhance that character that represents you, creating a unique and exclusive wedding.

We must remember that marriage must not be a likeness of Christmas; instead, it should only take on the nuances of this feast and transmit its essentiality. Be inspired by the details it offers, such as the warm little lights placed in strategic points that create a magical and scenic atmosphere. Even the fir tree could be the protagonist, which, mixed with other seasonal flowers, gives liveliness and modernity to the event. Finally, let’s remember the candles. Small, large, or medium, with their suffused light, they create a soft, welcoming, and intimate setting.

And the colors? In this season, colors are enveloping and deep. From that classic red to gold, silver, and white. But not only that. You can venture with more unusual nuances, such as blue or forest green.

Tuscany, a certainty even in winter… 

It is thought that certain regions are suggestive only at certain times of the year, but, you can enjoy the beauty of every corner of the destination in every season. An example is Tuscany, a region that shows off authentic colors even in winter and where you can see landscapes of significant impact. Here you can discover ideal locations such as farmhouses, villages, and castles with an enchanting climates, perfect for a suggestive winter atmosphere in Tuscany.

Imagine a room with round tables, a gold, burgundy, or white setting with a hint of green, and a crackling fireplace that frames the space. It’s just one of the many possibilities that can be built as the setting of a perfect winter wedding.

Finally, always remember that Tuscany is full of landscapes and unique panoramas that, by the end of the year, they can be whitened, transforming the view and making it unique and unforgettable.