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Kieran and Kayla

Kayla and Kieran choose Maremma Tuscany for an intimate Destination Wedding. From the captivating welcome barbecue to the poolside brunch, the whole design was based on the ombré style.

Kayla and Kieran - Intimate Wedding at La Pescaia Resort

Jonny and Bénédicte

Florence, an Italian Renaissance city, captivates couples from around the world with its architectural beauty and timeless charm. Jonny and Bénédicte, from London, have chosen Villa Le Fontanelle for an intimate and elegant wedding in the heart of Tuscany.

Top 10 wedding venues in Tuscany

Planning a Tuscan wedding and searching for the perfect venue? This article presents the top 10 wedding venues in Tuscany, including historic villas, romantic castles, Tuscan farmhouses, and luxury hotels. Each venue offers a unique atmosphere and style, allowing you to create a truly memorable and special wedding event.

Top 10 wedding venues in Tuscany - luxury resort

Nicholas and Martina

A special dream, that of Nicholas and Martina, as well as their bond with Tuscany. This is why they chose the Val d'Orcia for their destination wedding, celebrating their love and passion for this beautiful land and allowing me to take care of every detail.

Nicholas and Martina Destination Wedding

Parker and Gina

Describing the wedding of Parker and Gina still excites us today. A dream of love #madeinitaly, an unforgettable experience first for them but also for their loved ones. The ceremony and reception occurred at the beautiful Villa le Fontanelle on a terrace with breathtaking views over the whole city. The setting of two days of celebrations, with a pizza party the night before the wedding

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