Honeymoon in Italy: 5 of the most beautiful destinations

Creating a destination wedding in the Belpaese is the dream of many couples. And continuing the journey with a beautiful honeymoon in Italy is definitely a must-have!

From cities of art and rich in history such as Rome, Florence, and Venice, to the sea, from medieval villages to the countryside and mountain peaks.

Here are 5 top destinations (and for all tastes) for your honeymoon:

Trentino-Alto Adige (South Tyrol)

Known for its beautiful mountains, Trentino is a great destination for those who love a bit of adventure but also relaxation. The perfect combination of woods, high peaks, and cities rich in tradition. Here you can admire immense lakes and evocative views but also let yourself be carried away among the various mountain paths and contemplate the majesty of the Dolomites. A breathtaking view!

But not only that; this is also the ideal region for those who love wine and a cuisine made of strong flavours, thanks to the many typical specialities such as Gulasch, a traditional dish of this territory, and the Roads of the wine and flavours of Trentino, that are routes designed to discover the wine treasures of the region.

Honeymoon in Italy

Umbria and its authenticity 

A small region but with many treasures and pearls to discover and explore. A fantastic destination that includes nature, hills, mountains, an oasis of peace, and a lot of history and culture. In fact, Umbria also contains a romantic and spiritual soul, thanks to the cities of Assisi, Gubbio, and Cascia. It is no coincidence that St. Valentine, the saint of love and bearer of important events, is said to have origins here.

Honeymoon in Italy

Not to mention its gastronomic excellence, such as the truffle of Norcia, the eel of Trasimeno, and the delicious testo cake. Authentic local flavours, perfect to enjoy as street food, like the real locals.


Honeymoon in Italy

Between the hills, the mountains, and the sea, this area offers the opportunity to spend your days among a thousand adventures, excursions, and outdoor trips.

Marche is a mix of landscapes and panoramas with a delicate and gentle essence where you can live overwhelming moments between sunsets, historic villages, and tours. Here, you will come across places that are not very touristy, such as Osimo, a town that stands on top of a hill between ancient walls, where you can lose yourself in the alleys and streets and admire the view from above. Or enjoy a walk along the seafront in Numana and breath the fresh air that will overwhelm you with its scent of salt.

In short, in this region, you will never get bored, and you will have the opportunity to choose between different atmospheres depending on the period, the climate, or your taste.

Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine Peninsula

Colourful, traditional, and folkloric locations combine all the elements of that authentic Made in Italy style.

Here, in the heart of Amalfi and Sorrento, you can get excited just by looking at the architectural wonders and ceramic work of the artists but also immerse yourself in a true natural spectacle at the Emerald Grottoes and observe the Torre dello Ziro from the scenic area through the woods of the mountain Aureo.

And finally? Taste and savour the magnificence of Maiori: the lemon sighs or the iconic pastiera, specialities to be strictly tasted in one of the local pastry shops. In short, a real journey into the heart of Italy!


Last but not least, I suggest my land, my region: Tuscany.

Rich in beautiful views, from the mountains to the sea, from the hills to the most historic villages, this territory speaks for itself, highlighting corner after corner its typical peculiarities. A region, as we know, full of art and history, beauty and good food. A land that makes everyone happy by creating a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure.

Here you will not get bored because you can breathe the Italian historicity, discover unusual places, and live experiences like never before. From the villages of the beautiful Val D’Orcia, crossing the Chianti area with its magnificent vineyards, through cities such as Florence or Pisa to get to more unspoiled territories such as the Maremma or the Casentino.

Honeymoon in Italy in Valdorcia

Wherever you go, you will find breathtaking horizons, incredible tastes, and flavours that you will carry with you forever.

And now the choice is yours… Your honeymoon in Italy awaits you!