Getting married in Tuscany. 7 great reasons why you should choose Chianti on your special day

The place you choose on your special day is extremely important, so this is exactly why you should not listen to your rational side whereas you should follow your precious instinct, which is always so receptive in terms of feelings. When it comes to a hard decision to take, our heart is always there to help us make the right choice.

So if you are about to get married and you are absolutely sure Tuscany is the place where you want to do it, here are some suggestions in order to help you choose the right venue and the style that best matches with your personality.

The reason why I am here telling you this is simple. There are so many unique and breath taking venues in Tuscany, and you may deeply fall in love with literally all of them, that it could be really difficult to just choose one of them. The Chianti area is definitely one of them, an enchanting piece of heaven which has turned out to be more and more chosen by both Italian and international couples. A lot of people nowadays come to Tuscany to celebrate their wedding from all around the world.

But what makes Tuscany so special? Here there are some details which may help you choose this area on your special day, either its unforgettable sunsets, its unique colors, its medieval hamlets surrounded by enchanting hills, or its picture postcard lascape.

7 reasons why you should get married in Chianti

1. it’s one of the most romantic areas in the whole world

You can’t deny it is so, can you? The Chianti area is one of the most romantic and breath taking areas in the whole world. Its narrow alleys, its medieval buildings, its unique hills, its countryside full of never seen before colors, including gold and green tones.

2. Any season you choose is just the perfect season

In the Chianti area, any season is perfect for your wedding since you may choose among many both indoor and outdoor venues. Any season you choose you can always make your dreams come true. So if you want to celebrate your perfect day in winter, the area may offer you a bunch of wonderful solutions as well as if you prefer any other season.

3. Tuscan landscapes just look like a work of art

Believe me, it is very difficult to find a Tuscan landscape you don’t fall in love with, whose atmosphere doesn’t remind you of perfection. It is practically impossible to organize a wedding in Tuscan countryside which does not turn out to be just perfect.

4. Just a stone’s throw from many cities of arts

You may ask yourself what your wedding has to do with arts. Well, easy to answer, you will have the chance to enjoy arts and culture the day after the celebration. My suggestion in this case is to leave on honeymoon at least two days after your wedding so that you can visit the area around the venue.

5. If the food is good, the wine is even better…

The Chianti wine is one of the most renowned and finest wines in the whole world, and trust me, just anybody agrees on that. Your wedding will be absolutely perfect if you choose a Tuscan menu, and if you add some outstanding local wine, everything will turn out to be even better.

6. The weather

I just say once more what I have already said earlier on seasons. In Tuscany the climate is just always perfect since winter is never too harsh as it is in other areas. Also if you get married in summer, you will get a cool breeze blowing through the whole area, which just makes Tuscany perfect for your wedding.

7. Guaranteed hospitality

Just like anybody else in Tuscany, also the inhabitants of this wonderful area love hospitality, something that, together with their  spontaneity, makes Chianti a place where all of your dreams may come true.