Jewish ceremony: a romantic tale overlooking Florence

Today, let’s journey through the enchanting love story of Greg and Sofia. This Jewish ceremony was a unique destination wedding set against the romantic backdrop of Florence. In September 2022, this Los Angeles-based couple decided to profess their eternal love. And where better than Florence, one of the most romantic cities in Tuscany?


The perfect backdrop: a historic Florentine villa for Greg and Sofia’s Jewish Ceremony


For this memorable event, we chose an exceptionally elegant venue—a historic villa boasting a traditional Italian garden and scenic views of Florence and its iconic hills. This selection aptly captured the essence of Greg and Sofia’s Jewish ceremony, blending timeless elegance and simplicity in every detail. The villa set the stage for an enchanting, exclusive experience.



Elegance in simplicity: Greg and Sofia’s Jewish ceremony


The design of Greg and Sofia’s Jewish ceremony radiated Sofia’s innate elegance. Every element was finely curated—from the color scheme to handmade invitations by a local artisan. Fresh fruit table decorations and a harmonious collaboration with the couple contributed to a unique ambiance. The couple enthusiastically embraced our vision, enabling us to create an aesthetically pleasing visual ensemble.



Fresh fruit adorned the tables, adding a unique touch to the decor. Greg and Sofia were open to integrating their wishes into the design from the start, enthusiastically trusting our vision. The well-balanced wedding stationery and soft color palette created a striking visual harmony.



The vows under the Chuppah: the Jewish ceremony of Greg and Sofia


The couple selected a Jewish ritual for their vows, encapsulating their eternal love in a heartfelt ceremony.



Under the traditional Chuppah, they exchanged promises, marking the creation of a new family under divine protection. The Chuppah, crafted from robust, natural wood and adorned with delicate floral designs, seamlessly integrated Jewish traditions and the couple’s aesthetic.


Traditional Chuppah for Jewish Ceremony in Florence


Enchanting atmosphere: candle-lit banquet after Greg and Sofia’s Jewish ceremony


Following the emotional vows, guests joined the celebration, raising their glasses to the newlyweds. The banquet setup reflected the event’s elegant simplicity. To amplify the magical aura of the historic villa, we used soft lighting and pure white candles on elongated tables.



Fresh pears served as place markers—a delightful nod to Sofia’s grace and elegance.


The Jewish ceremony of Greg and Sofia perfectly represented the fusion of love, elegance, and delicate design.


Each love story is one-of-a-kind, and we aim to make yours come alive through thoughtfully crafted details and personalized design choices. If you envision an exclusive wedding in the picturesque settings of Tuscany, my team and I are all ears to transform your love story into the dream wedding you’ve always wanted!