From California to Tuscany: luxury wedding among the vineyards of Chianti.

Tuscany is a magical destination. It’s a global magnet for couples seeking a unique wedding experience. What’s the magic formula? Elegance, connection, and attention to detail. Meet Johnny and Julia from California. They chose Dievole Wine Resort for their dream wedding in the heart of the Tuscan hills.


Johnny and Julia: crafting the perfect Destination Wedding from first spark to final vow


Julia and Johnny are special! They reminded me why I love my job as a wedding planner so much, even after all these years. They had so much energy and such a clear vision. Moreover, they were open to expert advice and new ideas. This combination made their event as personalized as it was spectacular!”



Choosing Dievole Wine Resort as the perfect wedding venue for Johnny and Julia


Finding the right location is as much a matter of geography as it is of emotion. Johnny and Julia were seeking a blend of Tuscan authenticity and elegance. Thus, Dievole Wine Resort became their ideal venue. This resort is also an internationally renowned winery! It provided the perfect setting for their wedding weekend. From the welcome dinner to the ceremony, every design detail was meticulously planned to enhance the venue’s authenticity and elegance.


Wedding stationery: a symphony of colors and custom details


The wedding design was a unique visual symphony! The color scheme? Inspired by late spring and early summer hues like orange, peach, and yellow. These colors complemented natural materials like wood and wicker. For added flair, we incorporated colorful candles and fresh citrus fruits. The result? A vibrant yet romantic atmosphere. Lastly, the wedding stationery followed a soft and curved design, bringing harmony to the entire event. This design approach was applied universally, from the menus to the place cards, adding a perfectly coordinated final touch!



Saying ‘I Do’: Johnny and Julia’s symbolic ceremony against a Tuscan Hills backdrop


The garden offered a breathtaking view of the Dievole Valley. The ideal setting for their symbolic vows. We selected a floral arch rich in color and romance, harmonizing with the overall design theme!



Creating an intimate and elegant wedding: how vibrant design meets natural beauty


Vivid design elements stood in beautiful contrast to the venue’s rustic charm. We used the garden to its fullest, setting up elegant imperial tables. Fresh fruits, coordinated candles, and suspended lights set the mood. The atmosphere was romantic and sophisticated, yet grounded in nature.




The energy and joy of Johnny and Julia, and their guests


No detail was too small. Julia’s trust empowered us to tailor the design to their unique personalities: custom stencils for cocktails, a sparkling cake, and more. Every element is crafted to create a memorable experience. The reception was intimate and heartfelt, featuring a dance floor that stayed busy till dawn.




My greatest gift?


My most cherished gift? Watching my couples dance and toast happily, and knowing that in every wedding photo, they’ll recall at least one moment spent planning with us! As Julia summed it up, it was “the wedding I dreamed of, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful”. And honestly, we couldn’t agree more.