Wedding moodboard: what is it and how to create yours

You’re planning your wedding and undoubtedly have an idea of how you’d like it to be. But how can you turn those thoughts into reality? Luckily, one of the most helpful tools for wedding planners and couples alike is a moodboard. In this article, we’ll explore what a wedding moodboard is and how you can make one for your big day.


What is a wedding moodboard?


First and foremost, a moodboard is a visual collection of images, colors, fabrics, and other elements. It captures the desired atmosphere and style for your wedding. Whether a physical collage on a board or a digital compilation on a computer or tablet, moodboards help couples visualize their wedding and coordinate various design elements.



How to create a wedding moodboard


  1. Inspiration: Gather images that inspire you—wedding photos, flowers, dresses, and decor. Magazines, blogs, Pinterest, and social media are excellent sources.
  2. Color Palette: Next, color choices are crucial. They set the foundation for all wedding design decisions. Opt for a palette that mirrors your style and the ambiance you wish to create.
  3. Design: Beyond images and colors, including fabrics, flowers, and decorations in your moodboard. These elements assist in visualizing how they’ll fit into your wedding.
  4. Organization: After you’ve compiled all components, arrange them on your moodboard. Make them easy to see and understand. Group them by category, color, or any method that helps you visualize.
  5. Sharing: Finally, share your moodboard with your wedding planner, partner, and anyone else involved in the planning. This step ensures everyone is on the same page.



#WeddingPlannerTips: my tips for the perfect moodboard


  1. Be open to new ideas: Even with a clear vision, stay open to fresh concepts. Sometimes, an unexpected image or color can be a game-changer.
  2. Avoid clutter: Be selective with what you include. An overcrowded moodboard can get confusing.
  3. Use digital tools: If you’re tech-savvy, leverage online tools like Pinterest, Canva, or Adobe Spark. They offer templates and features to create digital moodboards easily.
  4. Involve witnesses and bridesmaids: Wedding planning is a shared effort. Involve important people in moodboard creation. Gather images collectively and be inspired by diverse ideas!
  5. Revisit and update: Your vision may evolve. Regularly update your moodboard by adding new elements and removing outdated ones.
  6. Please seek professional advice: Sometimes it’s hard to start alone. Your wedding planner, florist, or photographer can offer valuable tips.
  7. Use the moodboard as a guide: Your moodboard should guide wedding design choices. Share it with vendors and use it as a reference when selecting decor, flowers, and dresses.


Creating a wedding moodboard may seem daunting, but with inspiration and organization, it becomes an enjoyable creative project. A well-crafted moodboard helps you visualize your wedding and make harmonious design decisions. So, what are you waiting for? Start dreaming up your wedding design now!

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