Tuscany has always possessed an enchanting allure. Its gentle hills, the sunlight bathing its verdant landscapes, and its vineyards seem as if painted with a romantic brushstroke. Amidst this backdrop, Demian and Mary Ann decided to celebrate their union. Hailing directly from the Caribbean, this delightful couple was captivated by the majestic Artimino Estate, choosing it as their dream Destination Wedding venue.

Demian and Mary Ann: A Love That Shines

Mary Ann had always dreamed of the picturesque Tuscan landscape as her wedding backdrop. So, our choice of the Artimino Estate was no coincidence. It offered us breathtaking views of the Tuscan hills and allowed us to indulge in the authentic flavors of Tuscan cuisine, wine, and tradition.

Demian and Mary Ann Destination Wedding

Trust and connection are the secrets to an unforgettable event

Mary Ann and Demian share a love that runs deep. Being a part of planning their Destination Wedding in Tuscany was genuinely a delight. Their undeniable connection, evident in every glance and gesture, is a rare treasure. Beyond their bond, they share another passion: the art of wedding photojournalism. They deeply understand the emotion and magic of that special day in any couple’s life. Working with such a knowledgeable and passionate duo was truly a joy. Their trust transformed the entire planning process into a smooth and exhilarating journey.

Kind words of Damian and Mary Ann

Words are not enough to describe Giulia and her team! From the first day we met her on Zoom, we immediately realized she was extremely organized and committed to taking every wish seriously. We are wedding photographers and wanted everything to run perfectly on our wedding day. We gave Giulia complete freedom and our full trust, and she truly earned it. […] She gifted us a magical wedding that we still can’t forget. Thank you, Giulia, and thanks to your team; we will forever be grateful for that enchanting day!

Dreaming together: planning the Destination Wedding of Demian and Mary Ann

From the moment we first met, I could feel that the event should perfectly reflect their unique bond. Mary Ann and Demian envisioned a refined wedding where each detail was thoughtfully intertwined. It fills us with pride to have helped manifest this grand vision, meticulously crafting a wedding that will forever remain etched in their memories.

Saying ‘I do’ overlooking the Tuscan hills: crafting the floral and design elements for Damian and Mary Ann’s ceremony

We chose an outdoor venue to bring Mary Ann’s dream of professing eternal love to Demian amidst a stunning vista. We meticulously transformed the garden into a floral spectacle, juxtaposing shades of vintage pink and white against Tuscany’s earthy palette.

Demian and Mary Ann outdoor ceremony setup

Harmonious palette: incorporating wood, vintage pink, and subtle touches of transparency in the design

Designing a wedding demands meticulous detail, from selecting shapes and hues to positioning each element precisely. Every nook of the venue was treated with special care, striving to evoke an ethereal ambiance. Inspired by the couple’s strong bond, circles became a focal point in the design, symbolizing unity. Meanwhile, Mary Ann’s natural elegance led us to a timeless and ethereal setup with a contemporary twist.

The imperial table for Demian and Mary Ann’s wedding dinner: golden hues paired harmoniously with the warm essence of wood

For dinner, we selected a rustic, bare wooden imperial table. This choice accentuated natural greenery arrangements set between clear glass cylinders and geometric metal candle holders. The candle holders’ shade beautifully matched the cutlery and the couple’s chosen exquisite dinnerware.

Elegant imperial table for an exclusive intimate wedding

The gilded table setting for Demian and Mary Ann, paired with the distinctive elegance of Carrara marble

The table setting gleamed with touches of gold: from candle holders to placeholders. These accents contrasted beautifully with the white plates, which were graced by gold streaks. Porcelain designs, inspired by the revered Carrara marble, gave the table an elegant geometric feel. Besides the glasses, transparency featured in the menus and select wedding stationery. Each detail radiated a golden aura, encapsulating the essence of Tuscan elegance.

From sunset to the first stars of the evening: the magic of light play on the wedding table

Every love story deserves a stage that matches its intensity, and Demian and Mary Ann’s wedding was truly one of a kind! Their dinner commenced at sunset, transitioning to a star-lit evening, realizing Mary Ann’s dream. The table, graced with candles and golden touches, gleamed under fairy lights draped over the imperial table. This setup created a captivating dance of light, adding a magical and romantic charm to the summer night.

The power of details: the color harmony in the design of the wedding of Demian and Mary Ann

Detail was pivotal in every stage of the wedding planning. The bridesmaids and groomsmen, adorned in elegant, coordinated outfits, enriched an already breathtaking visual scene. Masterfully blending white and antique pink, a delicate pastel palette emerged for the bridesmaids. These subtle hues were mirrored in the couple’s attire, the flowers, and even Mary Ann’s shoes.

Planning this Destination Wedding was truly an invigorating experience! Looking at these photos fills our hearts with pride, witnessing its flawless execution. Our secrets? Drawing inspiration from Tuscany, painting every wedding as a labor of love, and having an invaluable team of suppliers to rely on. So, are you ready for a dream Destination Wedding? Our answer will always be a resounding yes!