Intimate Wedding in Tuscany: here you are the perfect places to say “I do”!

Tuscany perfectly reflects all the best that Italy can offer you: that’s why is the ideal place to crown your dream of love…

Today all the requests that come from abroad but also from italian couples who wish to pronounce the fateful “I do!” in our region are a lot and, in most cases, the desire is clear: an intimate wedding in Tuscany.

Intimate Wedding in Tuscany

A place where every request of the bride and groom can be realized may seem an utopia today, but if you are a bride-to-be well, I have some great news, this region exists and is located in Italy. Is our splendid Tuscany.

Here what Tuscany can offer you:

  • Cities of art,
  • History, culture,
  • Breathtaking landscapes,
  • A variety of wonderful location,
  • The art of hospitality and culinary traditions.

In short, the perfect mixture to realize an unforgettable intimate wedding in Tuscany but above all personalized according to your canons and your requests.


Here where to realize your intimate wedding in Tuscany!

If you are worried not to find the right Church and location for your wedding in Tuscany you can realx, as a wedding planner specialized in wedding in this region, I will follow you step by step discovering villages, cities and magical venues. Places that you can discover in their authenticity only with the ones that live Tuscany everyday.

If then, your guests’ number is selected, the location available to choose will increase. From the north to the south of the region anything is possible.

If you love everything remind elegance, refinement and the history of our country, palaces and Tuscan centuries old villas with their meticulously maintained Italian gardens and rooms that are real masterpieces, it could be what you need.

If  you are an hopeless romantic, you can only set up an intimate wedding in Tuscany within the walls of a beautiful castle steep-to a hill or simply surrounded by silence and lush nature.


Then there are the wonderful Tuscan viallages and farmhouses that can bring you and your guests back in time and “embrace” an intimate and charming atmosphere.

Tuscany, however, can really satisfy every request. You can also opt to marry on the beach or in a sea view location with the blu horizon as background.

Intimate wedding in Tuscany: a mix of emotions to live.

Whether it is in the countryside, at the sea, in a village or in the city, say “Yes, I do” in Tuscany with an intimate wedding will surprise you. You will in fact be the protagonist with your future husband of a mix of unique, unforgettable emotions.

You will feel loved, cuddled and “embraced” as if you were at home. You will be moved during the ceremony, whether it is civil or symbolic immersed in greenery or in a small country church. You will enjoy amazing views, enchanting atmospheres that you will print forever in your heart and mind. Places that will be customized detail after detail and for that day they will only talk about you and your love.

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