Wedding weekend in Tuscany, what can you visit?

Do you know that your wedding can turn into a multi-day party in a thousands and one night? If you are wondering how all this can come true, the answer is very simple, thanks to the wedding weekend in Tuscany.

Wedding weekend in Tuscany: here’s what’s about.

Planning a multi-day wedding is often the best solution for those who want to organize the wedding in intimacy and far from home. Not by chance this is the favourite typology of all the couples who desire to crown their dream with a spendid wedding in Italy.

We are talking about all the future spouses coming from abroad and from other Italian regions who choose to let their guests live a real emotional and experiential trip “Made in Italy”.

But, be careful, its organization isn’t simple at all… In fact, right here comes into play a fundamental professional figure: the wedding planner.

How long is a Wedding weekend?

Generally the wedding weekend lasts three days, mostly organized as follows:

  • Welcome – lunch, informal dinner or welcome party,
  • Wedding day – your dream of love,
  • Post-wedding brunch – to greet.

Wedding weekend in Tuscany

In this case the keyword in the months before the wedding and during the threee days is only one: planning. Yes, to create a perfect wedding weekend as you can imagine the organization is the inevitabile piece.

Wherever the location or the city you choose, the first step is to choose the right location that is able to host all your guests (or almost).

Tuscany in this way, has a huge variety of facilities as: hotels, villas, castles and vineyards  that can be found in completely different contexts but always in full Tuscan style.

What you can visit and what activities do during the wedding weekend in Tuscany?

That Tuscany is rich in traditions and places to discover is not a novelty and the best thing is to bring your guests to their discovery.

Here then your wedding weekend – during the first and third day – can turn into a tour in the cities of art, in a bike tour or by horseback riding in the green hills and countryside, days at the beach, sailing or following a culinary delights created ad hoc for your wedding in the most picturesque villages of the region such as: Certaldo, Fiesole, Montepulciano, Cortona, Pienza.

Wedding weekend in Tuscany

And now, all you have to do is to plan your “Love trip”!

Do you want to realize your wedding weekend in Tuscany? Write us, I can’t wait to help you design your wedding dream!