Villa Wedding in Tuscany

I guess you know how important it is, for the final result, the choice of the location.
A day when everything goes exactly how you wanted it to, without any kind of unforeseen, if it was arranged in a scenery without atmosphere and without magic, it wouldn’t arouse the same emotions.
If you choose a Villa to celebrate your big day you will be able to give a touch of magic to the event. In this location it is certainly the garden that is often vast and rich in wonderful species of plants and flowers that manage to give it an ethereal and timeless image. Exactly what you look for when you decide to get married in Tuscany. Here you can identify yourself in the environment, in the landscape, in the moment.
If a Villa is the type of location you are looking for, don’t worry, Tuscany has a huge range in any area you decide to celebrate your wedding: from Arezzo to Grosseto, from Siena to Florence, from Livorno to Lucca, also reaching Pisa.
Immersed in the greenery, the villas in Tuscany represent the perfect location for couples who dream about having a unique wedding, without forgetting the touch of intimacy that must not be lacking.