Gabriel and Margherita
Destination Wedding in Val D’Orcia with the Terre di Siena shades

When Gabriel and Margherita decided to crown their dream, they knew it would be right here, in Tuscany. After seeing and discovering one of the most beautiful wedding venues in this area, they started to imagine their most beautiful day, their unforgettable destination wedding in Val D’Orcia.

Gabriel and Margherita_Destination Wedding in Val D'Orcia

Destination Wedding in Val D’Orcia: Gabriel and Margherita’s dream between emotions, joy, and unique atmospheres

Their irony and love were the ingredients that accompanied the entire planning phase and our meetings. The way we lived the planning of the wedding day, together with Gabriel and Margherita, was extraordinary, just like the harmony and affection that were created and that are still strongly present today.

September was the month chosen for their destination wedding in Val D’Orcia. One of the most beautiful times of the year for the ideal climate. If you then add the views, the atmosphere, and the beauties of one of the unique places in the world, like the Locanda in Tuscany, everything is experienced differently, with emotions and feelings being amplified. The “place of the heart.”

Yes, because everything took place within the same venue, from the ceremony to the reception. This authentic, unique atmosphere, together with the flavor and intimate warmth of this beautiful location, was to embrace the newlyweds and guests in the splendid journey of emotions.

Gabriel and Margherita_Destination Wedding in Val D'Orcia

In both cases, the design and floral elements were created, “modeled,” and inserted within the context, emphasizing, even more, the simplicity and pure beauty of nature. That same simplicity and genuine beauty well represent the personality of Gabriel and Margherita.

Gabriel and Margherita_Destination Wedding in Val D'Orcia

Refined and tailor-made wedding details with nuances inspired by the iconic Terra di Siena palette

There are places that often simply by observing them inspire the design and customization of the wedding details.

Gabriel and Margherita’s destination wedding in Val D’Orcia went just like that. Their elegant but, at the same time, simple personality has perfectly matched the colors of the territory, such as the famous shades of the nuance Terra di Siena, defining the entire wedding palette.

Gabriel and Margherita_Destination Wedding in Val D'Orcia

Soft shades contrasting with brick, rust, and terracotta characterize the details’ colors. But not only that. Terracotta has also been included as an element of the project—all personalized and calligraphed from the roof tiles of the tableau de marriage to the placeholders.

Natural elements accompanied the mise en place and the entire design project of the reception. A long greenery runner for the imperial table, wicker for the furnishings and rattan for the chandeliers, and finally, a special gift for the guests: a small bottle of precious Tuscan olive oil.

Gabriel and Margherita_Destination Wedding in Val D'Orcia

Gabriel and Margherita’s was an extraordinary destination wedding in Tuscany, full of exciting moments and lots and lots of fun.

Gabriel and Margherita_Destination Wedding in Val D'Orcia

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