How much will your Wedding in Tuscany cost?

A destination wedding in Tuscany may seem like an extravagant and costly affair, but, sometimes, compared to the cost of your original city, you’ll realize that a wedding in Tuscany is an appealing option. And it could be a perfect occasion to spend some days with your family and close friends to celebrate a wedding weekend full of love.

The most significant percentage of your wedding budget will go to the venue and the catering, roughly 55%-60%. Hence, it is essential to get these bits right!

Therefore, every wedding is unique, and difficult to quantify your actual expenses because everything will be built on your ideas and desires.

How much will your Wedding in Tuscany cost?

But let’s see what the essential elements for a destination wedding in Tuscany are!

1. Your Guests List

The more people attend your wedding, the more you pay. However, destination weddings tend to be smaller, generally 50-100 guests. It makes them more manageable and brings the cost down.

2. The Area chosen

Tuscany has villas, wineries, boutique hotels, castles, agriturismi, and more. So you could have an extensive choice in terms of venue and different areas to choose from: art cities, stunning landscapes in the countryside, etc.…You can choose to accommodate the entire list of your Guests or a part of them!

If guests pay for their accommodation, you may likely save some money!

How much will your Wedding in Tuscany cost?


3. The venue and the catering

In general, the cost of renting the location and the reception amounts to 55% -60% of the total cost of the wedding.

The rent of the premises varies on average from € 4,000 to € 10,000 to go up.

The cost of the reception dinner depends on various factors. It can range from € 120 to € 300 per person depending on the catering company chosen, the menu options, the extra services that are required to give your guests a unique gastronomic experience! Being in Italy, this is an element that really shouldn’t be missing!

4. Music, Lights, and entertainment.

You can choose many options for music according to your needs and your initial budget. You could choose a DJ with a price starting from € 1.5K up to a band where you have various price ranges. A good band could cost upwards of 5,000 euro.

For lights, also, in this case, you have an extensive variety of options!

How much will your Wedding in Tuscany cost?

5. Flowers

Flowers are essential in a wedding to give color and joy. A beautiful wedding can require a minimum of 3K € -4K € for flowers. But everything is always proportionate to the number of guests you decide to invite.

6. Extra activities 

Many weddings are 3 day experiences, and I completely love them!

You can organize a pizza party or a pool party for the day after the wedding. Still, Tuscany has a great variety of fun activities that you can manage: food and wine tours and tastings, cooking classes, truffle hunting, wine tastings, vintage car tours, and more. 

It all depends on how many days you have available, the time of year you decide to celebrate your wedding and what kind of experience you want to offer your guests.

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