5 good reasons to get married in Tuscany!

When it comes to choose the location or venue for your wedding is always difficult to have clear ideas from the beginning. In fact, there are wonderful places to get married both in Italy and around the world. From the iconic cities par excellence to the most heavenly palces oversea.

5 good reasons to get married in Tuscany…

But, there is a region in our splendid Italy that in recent years is very popular both for weddings of  Italian couples and for destination wedding of foreign couples and today I explain why through 5 good reasons to get married in Tuscany. Are you ready?

5 good reasons to get married in Tuscany!

1. Exclusivity and unique locations in the world

Those who dream of getting married in Tuscany always think only of the most famous places such as Florence and the round hills of Val D’Orcia and the Chianti Valley, but there are also many more intimate and evocative views on the Tuscan territory, all to discover.

An example? The splendid medieval villages of Volterra or the rustic estates such as farmhouses, country houses, companies and wineries or the now famous Abbey of San Galgano, near Siena.

2. Art and history

Among the 5 good reasons to get married in Tuscany there is also the aspect related to art and history. It’s not by chance that the region is called the cradle of literature and art. In fact Tuscany, has seen illustrious names passed by such as the great Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarca whose “soul” is still breathing in the different corners of the city, villages and museums.

3. The mild climate

Thanks to its mild climate, Tuscany is in pole position among the most popular destinations where to say “Yes, I do!”. From springtime and warmer months, to autumn and winter, the region offers different solutions suitable for every circumstance. From weddings on the beach to those surrounded by the beauty and warmth of the historic villas.

4. Among the 5 reasons to get married in Tuscany there is also nature.

Harmony, suggestion aesthetics. They are the three adjectives that can best describe the views of Tuscany. Nature is one of the main reasons why the bride and groom choose to crown their dream of love in Tuscany, especially if their desire is to give life to a cerimony and an intimate and exclusive reception.

So, it will be very easy to get lost between the beauty and the succession of different landscapes; starting from the mountains to the hills, up to the splendid coast overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

5. The culinary traditions

Among 5 good reasons to get married in Tuscany you can’t miss the one related to food and wine. Choosing Tuscany and its cuisine for the wedding menu, you will enjoy an explosion of flavours and unique aromas. A sensory experience made of food, quality raw materials and good wine as: Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Sassicaia.

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