A Symbolic wedding in Tuscany: the ceremonies and the most beautiful places to say “I do!”

Tuscany, beyond being one of the most sought-after destinations for couples to get married, is also the perfect region in which to say your “I do’s” in a completely personalized symbolic wedding.  

Symbolic Wedding in Tuscany: the Features  

We are all used to traditional wedding ceremonies, be they religious ceremonies or civil ceremoniesWhat distinguishes these from a symbolic ceremony?  The traditional ceremonies are legally recognized by the government; however, they limit the ability to personalize the ceremony.   

If your dream is to create a tailor made wedding, from beginning to end, then a symbolic ceremony in Tuscany is exactly what you want. Your desired emotional impact will be the main factor for every decision, from the vow exchange, to the music selection and finally to whichever ceremony you and your spouse believe is best suited for you.    

Symbolic wedding in Tuscany

Saying “I do!” in the Tuscan Countryside 

Beyond the emotional aspect, the biggest advantage that at symbolic ceremony in Tuscany offers is the location. You should know that, if you chose to have a symbolic ceremony, there is no limiting factor in choosing one location over another.  

You can even decide to declare your eternal love for each other in a private setting such as the garden of a family home or any location that is near and dear to your heart and your story.  

Therefore, you can have your wedding in a vineyard, on a beach, in peaceful garden or forest, at a farm-stay, in romantic castles or in picturesque alleyways with a vintage feel of Tuscan medieval hilltop towns.  

The 5 most frequent ceremony practices for a symbolic wedding in Tuscany 

When considering how to personalize a wedding, one must consider the choice of symbolic ceremonies. The most frequently used are the following five. Each with a different particular feature, but all with the same objective: to symbolize the joining of the bridge and groom.  

Symbolic wedding in Tuscany

1. The Light Ceremony 

One of the most common, along with the sand ceremonyIt involves the bride and groom (each one respectively) lighting a candle to symbolize the beginning of their life together.  

2. The Sand Ceremony 

Also very iconic. The key aspect is the sand, one color for the bride and another for the groom. The ritual involves uniting these sands in a see-through container.  

3. The Ribbon Ceremony 

What does this consist of? In uniting 4 ribbons around the wrists of the bride and groom. Each ribbon represents one of the four natural elements: water, fire, air and earth. 

Their union is a symbol of good fortune and protection for their new married life.  

4. The Ring Ceremony 

The ring ceremony is perhaps the most moving for the guests, as they become active participants in the ceremony.  

This entails that, before their exchange, the wedding bands pass through the hands of family and friends. This gives everyone involved a moment to silently pass on their blessing to the bride and groom.  

5. The Celtic Ceremony  

Besides being the most ancient ceremony with Celtic origins, it is perfect for a wedding in Tuscany. You may be wondering why? Simple  

Because it requires a location that is immersed in nature (sacred element for Celtic culture) and we all know that our wonderful region is full of incredible historic and natural sites. Enough to take your breath away!  

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