Green Wedding in Tuscany, ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Fresh seasonal flowers, invitations made with recycled paper, and organic gift baskets. A farm to table menu, eco-friendly decorations, and the magnificent Tuscan hills that frame the scene. A green wedding in Tuscany, and so much more. Let’s discover it together in this article 

Certainly, couples who choose to celebrate their green wedding in Tuscany love and appreciate art, nature, and the bright colors of the uncontaminated medieval countrysideBut, these couples also want to minimize the environmental impact of their special event on our planet 

How? By paying special attention to every decision and detail, while also being aware of the usage and consumption natural resources. Planning a bio-friendly and eco-sustainable wedding is not easy – that’s why having the support of Wedding Planner in Tuscany is essential to research and select vendors and locations that fit the parameters your eco-friendly decision, in addition to your environmental conscious way.

Green Wedding in Tuscany: a day-dream immersed in history and nature 

When organizing an eco-friendly green wedding in Tuscany it’s essential to keep in mind the following factors: 

  • Finding a location that is certified as eco-friendly (Tuscany is filled with them!) 
  • farm to table menu using only locally-sourced products (to minimize carbon footprint); 
  • Everything used during the event will be recycled properly 
  • Using recyclable materials only for elements of the wedding such as the goodie bags, messenger cards, escort carts, the centre tableau, and all other signage. 
  • Selecting vendors who are close to the location.

Green Wedding in Tuscany

The “natural” Location 

We believe that Tuscany is an incredibly eco-friedly and bio region which works perfectly when looking for that kind of location. All the venues in this area are captivating, immersed in the beautiful emerald green hills nestled in the stunning landscape of this wonderful region. Almost all the venues here make an effort to meet all the parameters for an eco-sustainable event with their their farm to table menus, and use of local and organic products.  

The most popular cities of course are Florence, Siena, and Lucca, as well as Volterra, Arezzo and Pisa – which are truly open-air museums, that make for the most romantic of settings for a wedding, as well as being “green” aka eco-friendly. The streets, they alleyways, the medieval piazzas and churches all make up the perfect backdrop for your wedding album.  

Choosing one of these picture-perfect cities will allow you to avoid having to move around too much from the wedding venue which will further reduce the carbon footprint of your eventThe same goes for the awe inspiring medieval Tuscan towns: which feel like little miniature cities that are true gems filled with art and culture, overflowing with beauty to admireAmong these we recommend Montalcino, San Gimignano and Pienza. 

Green wedding in Tuscany

The Bio-Menu 

Tuscan cusine is unmistakeable and known throughout the world. The majority of its special dishes are composed of ingredients that are easily obtained from local organic producers. I can assure you that they will be very excited to indulge your taste buds in tasting their house specialties. 

Indulge in a cornucopia of tastes and aromas, available in every part of the region. From it’s famous bread (never salted) to the wide range of soups – kale, white bean and fish stew, to the vast selection of homemade pastas and “cantucci”. Do not forget to about Tuscan pecorino cheese, a true delight for gourmands.  

Green Wedding in Tuscany

Green Wedding in Tuscany: The Importance of Details 

Your green wedding in Tuscany will be in harmony with your life philosophy of respecting our planet and the environment. Every tiny detail makes a difference. For example, you will choose wedding invitations and messenger cards made of recycled materials.

All plastic materials will be replaced with ceramics, glass, or artisanal hay and wood products.

Finally, nothing will go to waste: all food leftovers (well preserved) will be donated to the needy, all materials used for decoration can be gifted or re-used (by yourselves or to your guests), wedding gifts in the form of cash donations can be redirected to the charity or cause of your choice to help those in need or planet. 

Have you ever thought of celebrating your eco-friendly wedding in Tuscany? Write us, I can’t wait to help you!