Wedding at Villa Medicea Di Lilliano

In one of the last days of the Florentine summer, as Tuscany began to hint at the first signs of autumn, Villa Medicea di Lilliano was splendidly arrayed for the wedding of Margaux and Gian Piero. This historic gem, just a short distance from Florence, bore witness to the union of two traditions, two cultures finding their meeting point.

Elegant wedding at Villa Medicea di Lilliano, Tuscany

A Cultural Blend: A Wedding that Unites Two Countries

The ceremony was flavored with an international flair. Margaux, deeply rooted in her French heritage and innate elegance, and Gian Piero, with his typically Italian passionate spirit, chose to marry in Tuscany to celebrate their love in a land that has been a crossroads of cultures for centuries. Guests from France and Italy enjoyed an exclusive panorama and experienced a wedding that skillfully blended the cuisine, traditions, and customs of both countries.

The Atmosphere of Late August: Choosing Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Opting to marry in late August in Tuscany is a tribute to the most romantic season of the year. Villa Medicea di Lilliano, with its prime location overlooking the surrounding hills, offers that mix of ideal weather and breathtaking scenery that only the Florentine countryside can provide. Against a backdrop of olive groves and a gentle summer breeze, the vows exchanged on the villa’s terrace created a perfect start to their life’s journey together.

The Event Design: A Union of Elegance and Tradition

The choice of colors for Margaux and Gian Piero’s wedding reflected a sophisticated balance between heritage and modernity, a key theme for events in historic Tuscany. Green and white, symbols of freshness and new beginnings, blended with touches of ocher yellow, a nod to the warm hues of the Italian countryside. The meticulously detailed stationery echoed these colors, creating a visually coherent experience from receiving the invitations. Carefully placed candles lit the scene, adding a touch of intimacy and warmth as the sun set over Florence.

The Celebration: From a Dinner Under the Stars to Dancing Until Dawn

After an intimate ceremony and an aperitif in the gardens, two elegant imperial tables welcomed guests for dinner under the stars. The wedding menu played a crucial role in merging the two worlds. Tuscan cuisine, renowned for its simplicity and respect for seasonal ingredients, was enhanced by French wines and champagnes, creating a culinary journey that led guests through an unmatched gastronomic experience.

After dinner and a wonderful cake cutting at the foot of the villa, the celebrations continued with a party that lasted until the early morning hours.

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