The 5 italian must have wedding desserts for your wedding in the Belpaese

With no doubt, Italy is also known for good food. The culinary tradition is in fact a real art, a wonderful journey to discover the Belpaese. A “walk” among its infinite recipes, tastes and differences, from the top to the bottom of the Italian ‘boot’. If your desire is to get married in Italy, within your wedding menu or desserts table – in addition to the wedding cake – you definitely cannot miss these elements: the 5 Italian wedding desserts.

5 italian must have wedding desserts: from cakes to finger food portions.  Here are the typical desserts to choose from

If Italy is the destination of the wedding, your guests will expect only one thing: to live every single day “the Italian way”. How? By visiting the cities of art, doing activities on the territory, discovering the most beautiful views set among the Mediterranean scrub, the long rows, the green hills, the sea and then … tasting the delicacies of the tradition.

And what about desserts? What will they expect to taste? Certainly at least one of the 5 Italian wedding desserts.

1. Tiramisu

We can call it the king of desserts. Its perfect combination, composed of the sweetness of the mascarpone cream, the softness of the ladyfingers and the strong taste of coffee make it the most famous spoon dessert in the world. In a nutshell: inevitable! If my beautiful Tuscany will frame the wedding day and reception, in this case you can also opt for a cantucci tiramisu.

5 italian wedding desserts Tiramisù

2.The Sicilian Cannolo

This is the typical dessert of the Sicilian tradition, the crispy wafer and the ricotta cream are its distinctive elements. This is a perfect solution to add to the desserts table as finger food, with multiple and classic flavours such as: chocolate chips, candied fruit peel and pistachio. The secret to making them perfectly crispy? Stuff them just before exposure.

5 italian must have wedding desserts cannolo

3.The Caprese cake

Its heart of dark chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts, its soft and moist texture make it unique, as well as the absence of gluten. Created in Capri, the Caprese cake is today one of the icons of traditional Campania and Italian pastry. Perfect to serve in slices or small squares accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

5 italian must have wedding desserts caprese cake

4. The 5 italian must have wedding desserts: the Baba

The rum baba is one of the desserts symbols of the Neapolitan pastry. It is an “alcoholic” dessert because of its rum syrup. Its small size today has also transformed it into a real walking dessert as well as one of the 5 Italian wedding desserts ideal for the desserts table corner!

5 italian must have wedding desserts babbà5. Sfogliatella

The doubt is always the same: “riccia” (curly) or short crust? That’s right, with the Neapolitan sfogliatella there are two different options. The “riccia” one, crunchier thanks to the pastry. The pastry more crumbly because of the short crust pastry. What does not change, however, is the filling of ricotta, semolina, and candied fruit.

5 italian wedding desserts sfogliatella

And now… it’s time to make the “sweet” selection of your favourite Italian desserts!