An elegant wedding on the gentle Tuscany hills – Tenuta di Casaglia

Manuel and Camilla decided to celebrate their big day in the place where Camilla grew up, in the land where Camilla occasionally, on Sundays, spent time with her family.
An estate inside a village perched on the beautiful hills of Casaglia overlooking the below.
A magical place, unique and romantic at the same time. Remaining intact over the years.
Manuel and Camilla fell in love a few years ago and that day, together with little Martino, celebrated alongside their most loved ones, immersed in the nature that,with autumn approaching, was already giving us warm and wonderful colours.
Gold candlesticks and clusters of red grapes embellished the table illuminated by a sky of stars.
Almost a hundred candles illuminated the ancient staircase of the church to embellish the magical moment of the cutting of the cake.
The marriage of Manuel and Camilla will always remain in my heart because, that day, like them, I was able to dream!

Photo Credit: Lenny Pellico

I am very happy to share with you that this wedding was featured on Rock My Wedding.