Micro wedding ed elopement wedding: the differences

As we all know, trends change at the speed of light and, even in the wedding industry, it is necessary to keep up with the times. So here I would like to talk to you about one of the latest trends appreciated by couples of future spouses; I’m talking about restricted weddings. But before moving on to the specifics, I would like to start with a question… Have you ever wondered the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement wedding?

Are micro weddings and elopement weddings really the same thing?

I often see these two terms used as synonyms, but the truth is that…They do not represent the same type of marriage.

Yes, both fall into the “circle” of weddings with a small number of guests, but there are differences that make them unique and elements that make them similar. An example? They both allow to devote more attention to detail due to a different budget distribution but also to welcome guests in a more intimate and enveloping atmosphere. And the differences? Let’s find out together!

Micro wedding

When we talk about micro weddings, we refer to all those weddings with a number of guests less than fifty people. It is a type of intimate and family wedding for which the possibility of choosing the perfect wedding venue expands quite a lot.

Try, for example, to imagine a unique and wonderful imperial table nestled among the rows for a vineyard wedding. Or, again, in a beautiful farmhouse in Chianti with green hills as a backdrop…An absolute dream, isn’t it?

But not only that, thanks to the partition of the different budgets, you will have the opportunity to option breathless locations for those coming from afar or, why not, organize post-wedding activities in the area to do together with your loved ones.

Elopement wedding

Have you ever considered making a “love escape” to get married? If the answer is yes, then you are thinking of organizing an elopement wedding.

Why? Everything is hidden within the word elopement, which derives from the English verb to elope/to escape. It is one of the most popular requests, especially for those who come from afar and want to get married in Italy. Usually, to frame the elopement wedding in the Belpaese, we have postcard places that everyone wants to visit at least once.

What makes this type of wedding genuinely unique is the number of people present. It expects the presence of at most ten guests or even only spouses with the witnesses.

In both cases, the most requested ceremonial solutions are civil and symbolic.

And now that you know the differences, the choice is yours!