Five good reasons to get married in a village in Tuscany

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding in Tuscany? Right in the middle, between its enchanting hills and the unique seaside area, you can find the most wonderful villages ever seen before. You can walk through history there and experience local tradition, all in one. You may ask yourself at this point what is the thing that really makes this choice of yours the right choice to make. Here I am listing five good reasons why you should choose a village as the perfect location on your special day.

You can breath history and culture

When you think of the perfect venue for your wedding, this doesn’t just reduce to a wonderful view or a welcoming and charming setting. Tuscan villages are the ideal combination of both these elements, together with local history and a century-year -old culture. This is why your day will be so special, by having in the background narrow streets, alleys, old buildings and other medieval architectural elements. It does not really matter which province you choose, any area has its own characteristic hamlets, so you just need to opt for the one that best suits your taste and needs.

You may relive the past

Absolutely perfect for the most romantic couples, getting married in a Tuscan hamlet is just a wonderful choice since it allows you to relive past times, and really breath the atmosphere when everything was so different from today. Any romantic soul knows well how important history is to a land since this is what makes it so amazing and unique. So, what are you waiting for?

You may relive the magic of great receptions

You should never take for granted that any venue may suit your needs and taste. So you really need to make the right choice on your special day. In the magnificent halls of old palaces, or in the villas of a medieval hamlet you can really have the chance to organize a reception equal to the task. You may relive the old ceremonies with feasts and dance, and choose the menu that best matches with your taste.

Enjoy the splendor of gardens

Having a wedding in a hamlet also means being surrounded by magnificent, elegant and magic gardens. This natural element can really make the difference on your special day since it will fill up your ceremony and reception with a touch of unique fairy atmosphere together with official history.

Privacy and wonderful view

A wedding must also be intimate. It does not depend on the number of guests you have invited, intimacy is something you really feel it in the air. Getting married in a hamlet can give you all the intimacy you need, because of its elegance and the way the village is structured with all its special and charming corners. This unique setting will be the perfect frame for your special moment, for a day that you will remember for the rest of your life.

I am sure you have no doubts now that this is the perfect venue if you want to make your wedding unforgettable. What are you waiting for?