Wedding Planner in Bolgheri Castagneto Carducci Castle

Matteo and Sara, two splendid souls united by a unique understanding.
From the first moment I realized that for them, that great day, in addition to celebrating their love, was to be a festival, a gift for their loved ones, for their families.
Matteo and Sara have now become my friends.
I still remember the evenings we spent at home trying to agree on one thing or another. Our laughter, their great hospitality.
Matteo and Sara are really Nice people, those with a capital N. That nowadays, there are very few.
They got married in a magnificent little church surrounded by vineyards, in Bolgheri, Sara’s town. And then they celebrated with their friends until dawn in the wonderful castle of Castagneto Carducci that, with a breathtaking view, gave us a wonderful sunset on a beautiful night in June.

Photo Credit: Simone Addis