The greatest satisfaction is my happy couples!

Wedding in Tuscany Villa_Lucca_Wedding Planner Tuscany

Marco & Valentina

Giulia is a great professional!
She immediately managed to understand what style we wanted for our wedding, guiding us with patience and passion in this beautiful but certainly challenging path.
She gave us the opportunity to know and rely on exceptional suppliers, whom we will always carry in our hearts with her!
She was also of great help and support in the months in which, due to the Covid emergency, we had to postpone the wedding and reorganize it following all safety regulations!
We can never thank her enough for making our wedding a real fairy tale, leaving us and our guests speechless.
Giulia has been able to take care of every detail and make everything unique, above all our expectations!

Pietro &Ashley

There are few words to describe the work Giulia has done to make our day a dream. We have never felt in trouble. Every detail has been taken care of in an excellent way and the result has been appreciated by all guests.

Giulia knows the right collaborators, high-level professionals ready to fulfill every request. Everything on the wedding day was fantastic, my wife and I enjoyed the atmosphere and affection of our loved ones without worrying about the organizational aspect that Giulia was able to keep under control from start to finish.

An infinite thank you for all this, words will never be enough to tell what has been done.

Giulia Alessandri_Wedding Planner in Tuscany_Wedding in a vineyard
Wedding Planner in Tuscany_Giulia Alessandri_Wedding in Siena

Federico & Rubina

 Determined, firm, precise and punctual, for a year she marked all the times and formalities to arrive at the wedding prepared. She reacted with determination and coldness to the last frantic 48 hours in which time had decided to get in the way and, with confidence and unfounded tranquility, she looked for valid alternatives to make everything as wonderful as possible anyway. She offered us unique professionals, because she is first and foremost. I trusted completely, I gave her carte blanche and the feedback I receive is proof that I did well and that she was the right choice. Last but not least, she respected the budget we gave her. 
Destiny has put her in front of me and now I hope that life will make me meet her again and will make me follow her creations again.

Matteo & Sara

Always ready to fulfill every wish, an incredible person who will not only be your wedding planner but will become a travel companion on the best day of your life!

Giulia Alessandri Wedding Planner Bolgheri_Wedding in a castle
Wedding Planner in Tuscany_Giulia Alessandri_Wedding in the Tuscany coast

Gianluca & Alice

Describing Giulia and her work is really difficult: Giulia is a true professional, she guides you throughout the journey that precedes the big day, advising you, supporting you and making you arrive at that day with all the calm and tranquility you need.

She manages to make your dreams and desires come true!

Diego & Giulia

Giulia for us was an indispensable person and a great professional. She excels at her job, she immediately understands what you want and makes it all come true. She made us live a dream. We will be eternally grateful to her for this!

Giulia Alessandri_Wedding Planner in Tuscany_Wedding in Siena
Giulia Alessandri_Wedding Planner in Tuscany

Francesco & Sara

Giulia combines the rare organizational skills of a manager with attention to detail and the passion for those who love their work.
Simply indispensable!

Alessandro & Claudia

Our Wedding will always be indelible in our memory and we owe this largely to Giulia who throughout the organization was able to grasp and understand what we wanted for that important moment and made it real.
A delicate but fundamental presence that made us live that day as protagonists, without having to think about anything else.
Thank you thank you and thank you both again

Giulia Alessandri Wedding planner Tuscany_Wedding in Castiglioncello
Giulia Alessandri wedding planner Tuscany_Tuscany Wedding

Giorgio & Anna

A true professional, precise, attentive to the care of every single detail, even those that could hardly be thought of. Surrounded by formidable staff … From the photographer, to the catering, lighting and flower service … She made our every wish come true, making us experience the period of organization with great tranquility. Discreet presence on the wedding day and ready to solve any unexpected events. Thanks again for having accompanied us on this wonderful journey!

Marco &Sara

When quality makes the difference.
Number 1!

Wedding in Val D'Orcia_Giulia Alessandri wedding planner in Tuscany
Giulia Alessandri. Wedding Planner in Toscana.

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