Spring Palette for your Wedding in Tuscany

N° 3 Spring wedding color palette in Tuscany

If you are organizing your wedding in Tuscany between April and June, the choice of colors in your palette will be essential in creating the perfect atmosphere. Spring is the ideal time to celebrate love, with nature that awakens and gives glimpses of the fairytale allure but also for the mild climate that allows you to enjoy beautiful days in the open air. When discussing the ideal nuances for a spring wedding, which are the trendiest and most recommended? Here are 3 color palettes for a Spring wedding in Tuscany.

Spring wedding color palette in Tuscany: nature as Inspiration

Tuscany is famous for its lush nature and breathtaking landscape, so why not take inspiration from these elements? With all its shades, green will undoubtedly be one of the protagonists: from olive to sage to the brightest green and emerald. These shades will create an authentic and natural atmosphere that blends perfectly with the artistic and architectural beauties offered by the territory. Try to think of a reception in the hills, rows in the hinterland, or a typical farmhouse.

white and green wedding palette

Without forgetting that all green shades can be combined with more “soft” pastel colors such as pink, peach, and light blue, thus giving life to delicate, rustic, greenery-style installations and mise en place. But also to more spring mood boards themed Toile de Jouy, one of the latest trends.

When white is transformed…

Traditionally, white is the color par excellence of marriage and bride, but in recent years, we have witnessed a trend change. White is replaced by beige and ivory, colors that can give the atmosphere a warmer and more romantic touch. These “new” ones tie well with pastel tones and brighter ones. 

So yes to tablecloths with warmer white and less optical.

Wedding in bright tones? Choose a palette in shades of Viva Magenta

If you want to give an edge to your palette and follow the trends of the moment, you cannot consider this: Viva Magenta, the color of the year 2023, chosen by Pantone. It is a lively, characterful, and cheerful nuance that can be used for the accessories and details of the set-up. Some examples? On napkins, candles, placeholders, or even in the choice of flowers for the bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaids’ corsages, or buttons.


In any case, remember that the choice of colors for your wedding depends, above all, on your taste and the style you want to create for the big day. Always choose, together with your sweetheart, the colors that best represent your personality.

Finally, remember to play with shades and combinations to create your unique and personalized color palette. Let the professionals you rely on advise you on planning your big day. With nature as Inspiration and a little imagination, you can create a unique atmosphere to make your spring wedding.