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A selection of my wedding stories


Massimiliano e Marta

When the beauty of Florence is the setting for your Wedding day, there are no words to describe the Event!
An incredible view over the whole city was the setting for that splendid day in late August.

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Federico e Rubina

It is said that somewhere in the world everyone can find their own half … I am convinced that they are half of each other, they complement each other.
It is True Love!

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Fabio e Giulia

The month of June and its wonderful climate helped us to realize the dream of Fabio and Giulia just as they had always wanted it. Wicker baskets with flowers have been placed outside the beautiful church…

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Matteo e Sara

Matteo and Sara, two splendid souls united by a unique understanding. From the first moment I realized that for them, that great day, in addition to celebrating their love, was to be a festival, a gift for their loved ones…

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Marco e Sara

Marco and Sara will always remain in my heart. Sara wrote to me the first time with all the enthusiasm that distinguishes her. One of a kind, a unique, sweet, curious, feminine and very romantic

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Francesco e Sara

I already knew Francesco and Sara. But sometimes you know, achieving something so important to people you’re close to, isn’t always that simple. Instead, in their case it was different. From the start a great harmony

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