Bride’s entrance song: how to choose the perfect one?

There are so many details to choose from when planning a wedding that they never seem to end, but, you know, when we talk about weddings, we also always talk about emotions. The selection of the entertainment and the song for the entrance of the bride cannot be made at random. Instead, it must follow your personality and the mood of the wedding day. But, how do you choose the right entrance song of the bride? Here are the 3 tips for doing it right.

Song entrance of the bride: as a first step read the lyrics

Like for our most beautiful day, the soundtracks in our life are often chosen because we appreciate them in terms of music and rhythm, but when it comes to foreign songs, you need to pay special attention to the text. You may think that it is something straightforward and trivial, but in most cases, the songs’ words or meanings are not considered. What is the risk in this case? To walk along the aisle with a song that speaks of opposite and not happy situations.

Bride's entrance song

Second step: give voice to your love story!

How often have they asked you, “What’s your song?” I guess many times. To choose the soundtrack for the essential wedding day moments, you should also think of your favorite song. But not only that, to all those songs accompanying the most important moments of your life or reminding you of those unforgettable moments you lived together. Imagine walking down the aisle with the song’s notes that were the soundtrack to your first dance or first kiss. Maybe only the two of you will know about it, but one thing is sure, the emotion will be skyrocketing, and only the eyes will “speak” for you!

Bride's entrance song

Third step: surprise!

The classic entrance songs are wonderful in their being so traditional and exciting. Although it will never be identical, the risk is to have your entrance similar to that of many other brides. So why don’t you try to surprise everyone, including the groom and the guests, with a completely personalized and meaningful choice?

Both in the Italian and foreign repertoire we can say that the songs related to love and marriage are endless. Take some time to do this research and you will see that you will not regret it!

And now… the choice is yours!