Bridal Beauty Routine: 10 steps to be radiant on your Wedding Day!

The dress has been picked and preparations are underway but what about you? Did you remember to take some time for yourself? On your wedding, you will be the star, alongside your future husband, therefore it’s good to set aside some time for a bridal beauty routine that will make you shine on your most important day. Here’s how to do it in 10 steps!

bridal beauty routine
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Bridal Beauty Routine: Long term treatments

The stress of planning a wedding or of your daily routine can lead to a pimple popping up here and there or some dry skin. Tip N.1 for your bridal beauty routine is to take care of the skin on your face daily. Deep cleaning, tonics and moisturizer need to be your mantra for all the months preceding your wedding.

bridal beauty routine
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Tip N.2 is to make an appointment at least once a month with an osteopath or for a massage. Beyond moisturizing our skin, our bodies need to detox from the sitting at a desk and the long walks to get to work. You will see that after a few months you will feel reborn.

Although it may seem to be enough to use a nice conditioner each time you wash her, your hair routine should not stop there. Tip N.3 is to use a regenerating mask once or twice a month. This will not only help your hair shine and be soft, but it will make it easier to obtain your hair style arrangement on your big day.

A Balanced diet and some exercise

Tips N.4 and N.5 are the hardest part: exercise and a proper diet. Often we find ourselves turning that jog because we are tired after a long day of work and we do not feel like cooking something good and healthy. But every daily sacrifice builds to huge results!

For your bridal beauty routine, do not forget to take care of your body by running for a couple of hours a week, doing aerobic exercise, and why not, some yoga sessions. This last discipline will specifically help relax you to deal with your any pre-wedding stress.

bridal beauty routine
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In the months leading up to your wedding, remember to drink lots of water and to balance your diet, and take necessary vitamins and supplements to give your body everything it needs to be healthy. Internal health is directly connected to external beauty.

Bridal Beauty Routine: 5 tips for the night before your wedding.

Even on the eve of your wedding it’s important to take care of your body. Beyond the long term treatments described above, these little tricks can be the cherry on top of your beauty cake.

Tip N.6: the night before your wedding, have a meal together with your family – laugh, joke and above all do not eat salty foods. Especially if you are prone to having bags under your eyes as this is a way to avoid them puffing up. After the dinner comes tip N.7. Relax by drinking a hot tea or chamomile, maybe surrounded by scented candles. A moment of silence and relax will help you release any tension.

Tip N.8: do not forget to complete your beauty routine by applying lip and hand balm. Soft and manicured hands are a must have for your wedding, as they are often featured in pictures.

Tip N.9 is to go to bed early after one last relaxing face mask, so to wake up well rested. And finally, tip N.10, among the most important: remember to wash your hair the night before your wedding and not the morning of, to guarantee that your hair hold its hair styling better.

Now all that you have to do is to follow these little tips to be perfect for your most important day.