Welcome Bag for your Destination Wedding
The Perfect Way to Greet Your Guests!

When planning a wedding, giving special attention to the guests is crucial. One highly appreciated element is the welcome bag, especially when guests have to travel a long way to reach the location of your Destination Wedding!


Welcome Bag: What is it?


The welcome bag is a trend that originated in the United States and has gained popularity in our country in recent years. It consists of small bags containing a selection of gifts and surprises to warmly welcome your guests! To create the perfect welcome bag, consider using common materials like paper, jute, linen, cotton, wicker, or colored/transparent plastic. Personalization is key, aligning the gifts with the stationery, design, and color palette of the wedding.


Welcome Bag: how to choose the items


Common items to include are fans, the wedding weekend program, local products reflecting the event’s location, sunglasses, personalized hats, and more! The keyword is personalization! When selecting contents, consider the timing of bag delivery, the season, and the wedding location!



When to hand the wedding bag to guests

When it comes to the delivery of the wedding bag, there are different options, and the choice impacts its content.

Welcome Wedding Bag

A thoughtful gesture for guests traveling to the venue. You can place the welcome bag in their room or at the reception. Consider including something refreshing, like a mini bottle of prosecco and information about the wedding program.


Ceremony Kit

This is the most well-known wedding bag, specially designed for the “I do” moment. It typically contains a small water bottle, rice for tossing, and tissues for tears of joy.




Party Welcome Bag

Add a stylish touch to your fun-filled wedding by setting up a dedicated corner with useful gadgets. Your guests may appreciate items like flip-flops, heel protectors, photo booth props, and even a few after-party remedies for the night owls!

Baby Welcome Bag

Support your friends and family in entertaining the little guests by offering a thoughtful kit just for them. Consider including coloring pages, bubbles, treats, and crayons!


Attention to the Season in Composing the Wedding Bag


Consider the season when crafting your wedding bag – each season has its unique charm, just like every wedding! For a summer celebration, add small fans and refreshing beverages to keep guests cool and energized during their wait or travels. For winter weddings, opt for practical, reusable hand warmers inspired by the event’s color palette and design.


A Touch of Tuscan Authenticity: Treating Guests to Local Traditions


Make your Destination Wedding in Tuscany truly special by sharing your passion for the region with guests. Tuscany’s renowned for its traditional cuisine and high-quality local products. Create a welcome bag filled with typical Tuscan items, supporting local vendors! Consider including:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is renowned for its quality and taste, representing a well-known element of culinary tradition. The keywords here are authenticity and locally sourced!


Chianti Tasting Kit

Opt for an elegant bottle of Chianti Classico, a wine deeply rooted in Tuscan tradition. To enhance the experience, include a tasting guide from the selected supplier in the wedding bag. This will allow guests to fully appreciate the wine’s characteristics and immerse themselves in the enological culture during your wedding.



Delight your guests with a delicious surprise of traditional Tuscan almond cookies. These biscuits often accompany a glass of Vin Santo, a typical Tuscan sweet wine.



As we all know, pasta is one of the most famous symbols of Made in Italy, but why settle for just any pasta? Choose this particular type of pasta, typical of the Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana, to fully embody the taste of Tuscan tradition! Add a personalized touch to amaze your guests by selecting a recipe and including a personalized note with preparation instructions signed by the newlyweds!


welcome bag tuscan typical products

The wedding bag, therefore, becomes a special way to pamper relatives and friends on your wedding day.


Our advice? Start considering the type of wedding bag you’d like to create, when to deliver it, and decide on the overall budget for its production! Once you’ve defined these two elements, have fun searching for inspirations that align with the event’s palette and design, customizing them as much as possible. Make sure to include a thank-you note from the couple inside the welcome bags – your guests will appreciate this warm welcome message!