Vineyard Wedding in Tuscany: 5 tips for a perfect outcome

Often when couples choose Tuscany as the destination for their wedding, they already envision exactly how their big day will play out. Of course, this is understandable… However, they are not always aware that there are many other choices when it comes to selecting the perfect location in Tuscany, beyond the typical rolling green hills. A vineyard wedding is one of these options, and it has been growing in popularity lately.

Vineyard Wedding in Tuscany – authenticity and nature

There are elements, perfumes and flavors that you cannot do without for a vineyard wedding. So… where do we start from and what are the steps to follow to plan an unforgettable vineyard wedding.

Vineyard Wedding in Tuscany

1. Wedding Theme and Location Selection

The first step is selecting a theme. This then becomes the cardinal element that ties the wedding together and blends into the selection of the location. Choosing wine is a “surefire” option that will not disappoint. Truth be told, selecting a venue with its own wine cellar gives the option for a wide range of themes. Our advice? Make the natural beauty the star of the show.

2. Seasonality

There’s no one period that is better or worse for a vineyard wedding in Tuscany, although if you want to be able to enjoy all the outdoor spaces of your location and partake in the widest range of activities, it is better to opt for the milder summer months. Even though… the enchanting feeling and warmth of winter sitting by the cracking fireplace, glass of wine in hand is not to be underestimated.

3. Type of Ceremony

Religious, civil and/or symbolic? Before planning your vineyard wedding it is important to define your preferred type of ceremony. This way, it will be easier to select a location based on available family chapels, nearby churches or requisite permits.

4. Unique Experiences

It is impossible to think of a vineyard wedding that does not offer some “unique experiences” for the couple and their guests. From a wine tasting in a cellar, to a walk through the vineyard, a horse or vespa ride in the hills… options abound and can be personalized to your liking.

5. Enchanting Landscape

It goes without saying that breathtaking landscapes and nature will be your co-stars on your big day. Imagine a ceremony during sunset, enrobed by warm pink hues, on a terrace or instead, your reception with a long table in the middle of rows of grapevines… Isn’t it a dream?

Now that you know our advice and tips for an unforgettable vineyard wedding in Tuscany, all that you have to do… is to start planning!