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 Image consulting for brands


If you want to show your brand, your products in a creative and effective way, I’m the person you are looking for!

Through a targeted creative project in line with your brand and what you want to convey, I will help you to make your online and offline communication style recognizable.

I’ll take care of the sequence of images to be produced or the script of the video. I will select for you the suppliers that best suit your needs to better communicate your values.

I will help you to elevate your brand, your product through targeted image communication.

What I will do for you

We will meet to share your ideas and what you would like to communicate.

I will create a targeted graphic project for you and I will follow you on every aspect of design and production.

I will be by your side and will work for you from the conception phase, selecting the most correct vendors for your communication and idea, furnishings and materials in line with your products, up to the day of production.

Giulia Alessandri- Stylist
Giulia Alessandri- Stylist
Giulia Alessandri- Stylist
Giulia Alessandri- Stylist
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