Ricky and Clarissa
Experiencing the enchantment of an intimate wedding in Tuscany

I’m sitting at a rustic wooden table, bathed in the warm Tuscan sun. I’m thrilled to share with you the story of Ricky and Clarissa! This extraordinary couple from New York decided to celebrate their love right here in Florence, in my beloved Tuscany.


The dream of Ricky and Clarissa comes true: getting married in Tuscany


Ricky and Clarissa, an elegant and reserved couple, have shared a deep love over time. After years of closeness, they chose to celebrate their love in Italy, a country they are passionately in love with. For their wedding, we opted for a historic villa. The location, nestled in the scenic hills of Florence, left all the guests breathless. The choice of a venue with an Italian garden and stunning views of the surrounding hills allowed us to create an intimate, romantic, and exquisite event!


Italian-style pizza party: the welcome and the start of the destination wedding

Ricky and Clarissa warmly welcomed their guests the day before their wedding with an Italian-style pizza party. It was the perfect way to kick off their intimate wedding, filled with emotions and fun for all. The intimacy and love surrounding the celebration made it even more special in every way!



Ricky and Clarissa’s vows amidst the hills of Florence: a garden wedding in a historic villa


For the moment of “I do,” we opted for an outdoor ceremony with a stunning view from the villa. The area was beautifully decorated with two grand flower columns, creating a magical and romantic ambiance. Ricky and Clarissa impressed all the guests with their elegance and distinctive sweetness! Following the ceremony, the celebrations began with a poolside aperitif, offering a breathtaking vista of the surrounding hills. Here, the newlyweds and their guests indulged in the flavors of Tuscany, immersed in an enchanting atmosphere.




Elegance, harmony, and warmth: designing Ricky and Clarissa’s wedding


Clarissa dreamed of hosting an intimate and romantic wedding infused with elegance and exclusivity. I am thrilled to say that we made her dream come true! The dinner took place under soft, ambient lighting adorned with ruffles and candles that beautifully matched Clarissa’s graceful movements. The table setup completed the atmosphere with elegant Ginori plates, exuding a classic and timeless style.



Cutting the cake and starting the dances: when the happiness of the couple meets that of their friends


The highlight came when Ricky and Clarissa cut their wedding cake, beginning the lively after-party. The couple and their friends enjoyed the moment with a visible cake beautifully decorated with lights and flowers in the dedicated area.



The newlyweds exuded visible happiness and joy as they exchanged sweet glances during the festivities. The wedding left an unforgettable, authentic, and deeply heartfelt impression. Ricky and Clarissa were surrounded by wonderful friends, further enhancing the preciousness and memorability of the day. I vividly remember witnessing the magical sight of them dancing and laughing, tightly embracing each other. I felt that my beloved Tuscany had given them an extraordinary wedding then!


The happiness of Ricky and Clarissa and the warmth of an intimate wedding


I was impressed by the sweetness and kindness of Clarissa from our first meeting. Preparing for the wedding, we built a valuable bond that we still cherish. I am grateful to have played a part in Ricky and Clarissa’s dream, and I genuinely hope that all their wishes come true!