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Alessandro & Giulia

For Giulia and Alessandro, however, right from the beginning, I had no doubts, what fully represents them is the elegance that perfectly merges with the firm ideas and desires for the wedding.

An elegant wedding in a Tuscan village

Wedding Rituals and Traditions: a trip around the most famous customs throughout the world

The wedding sector is full of century old traditions, that have just remained unchanged, fixed in time and that are still used to this day in celebrating the most evocative nuptials around the world. Ceremonies that sometimes can present complex rituals, which hide a secret heritage from the most intriguing cultures on earth. From our backyard to the most distant lands. Are you ready to discover and become inspired by these famous traditions and rituals?

wedding rituals and tradition

Looks for bridesmaids and guests: the perfect outfits for the wedding day

We all know that receiving a wedding invitation is always a joyful moment, even more if it includes a request to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor. However, once the immediate joy subsides, an obvious question arises subconsciously, “what do I wear?”. Because the bridesmaids’ and maid of honor’s look need to obey to strict rules which you need to be aware of if you are going to be attending a wedding.  

Looks for bridesmaids and guests

Outdoor wedding in Tuscany: ideas and locations to say “I do!”

Italy is known the world over as an extraordinary country full of natural beauty. For the northern reaches to the deep south, you can find all different forms of landscapes, from towering mountain tops to the crystal blue sea of the islands. Thanks to its vast and diverse landscape, Tuscany contains this whole range of possibilities, and therefore is akin to a “Little Italy”. Here are some ideas for the perfect venues for an open air wedding in Tuscany.

Floral Arrangement

Bridal party gifts: tips to help make the right choice

Bridal party gifts: tips to help make the right choice. Your best friends for life, those that you met between school desks and with whom you have shared the joy and suffering of life. These will be the people you will chose to be part of your bridal party the day of your wedding and to thank them, you need to think of something really special. Here are some ideas for your bridal party gifts.

bridal party gifts
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