An exclusive Destination Wedding at Villa Le Fontanelle

From London to Florence: Jonny and Bénédicte’s Dream of Love

Florence, the enchanting Italian Renaissance city with its timeless charm and architectural beauty, has always been a magnet for couples worldwide seeking an unforgettable wedding experience. Jonny and Bénédicte, a stylish and sophisticated couple from London, have selected this captivating city as the backdrop for their dream wedding. During their venue search for the perfect location to celebrate their love, we discovered Villa Le Fontanelle. This picturesque location perfectly embodies their personalities and vision of an intimate and elegant wedding in the heart of Tuscany.



Villa Le Fontanelle: A Timeless Charm for an Exclusive Wedding


From the first encounter with Bénédicte and Jonny, I could imagine and visualize all the intricate details that would fulfill their desire for a unique and exclusive wedding in the splendid region of Tuscany. With its exquisite craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and graceful gardens, this neoclassical villa proved to be the ideal backdrop for them to celebrate their love with a unique and personalized flair.



The colors and details of the villa were the sources of inspiration for the entire event’s design, extending from the elegant and imaginative wedding stationery to the invitations and the wedding menu. The stunning façade of the Historic Villa was expertly depicted through watercolor techniques, becoming the underlying theme that tied the entire design together!



Design Elements for Jonny and Bénédicte: Uniqueness, Personalization, and Sophistication


The design and décor of the entire wedding were guided by a palette of greenery and white, creating a perfect contrast that beautifully complemented the couple’s romantic style. Set amidst the picturesque Tuscan countryside, the historic estate provided a romantic and enchanting ambiance, further elevated by an exquisite floral arrangement that prominently featured gypsophila throughout the ceremony and beyond. The long imperial tables were adorned with ethereal floral compositions, reflecting this great couple’s pure elegance.


Jonny e Bénédicte wedding table design


The meticulous care given to highly personalized small details added elegance and exclusivity to the event! As part of the customized table arrangement, beautiful oil bottles were chosen as place card holders, embellished with silk, and personalized with each guest’s name. Additionally, the hand-embroidered napkins featured the initials of each individual, created one by one. This thoughtful attention to detail allowed the guests to take home a cherished memory of the couple and their dream of love, showcasing the authenticity and Italian tradition at the heart of it all.



Exclusivity and Authenticity Made in Italy: Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding Moments


Bénédicte and Jonny’s destination wedding was an extraordinary celebration that seamlessly combined elegance and enjoyment. We curated a wedding weekend filled with shared experiences and conviviality, both before and after the main ceremony, involving their closest family and friends. Their wedding journey began with a picturesque welcome cocktail party overlooking the iconic landmarks of Florence. It concluded with a poolside pizza party inspired by the spirit of La Dolce Vita!

To welcome their loved ones and mark the start of the festivities, we selected the Rooftop Bar La Terrazza as the venue—an exclusive lounge bar offering stunning views of Ponte Vecchio. This intimate pre-wedding gathering provided a memorable evening, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and anticipation for the grand event! This destination wedding was designed as a weekend-long celebration, extending well beyond the eagerly awaited exchange of vows, even encompassing the day after the wedding.

Moreover, Jonny and Bénédicte wanted to host a final gathering to bid farewell to their cherished friends and family. To provide them with an authentic Made in Italy experience, we decided to organize a Pizza Party! The brunch occurred by the magnificent villa pool, with the picturesque terrace offering panoramic views of Florence. This delightful event added uniqueness and created unforgettable memories for all in attendance!


Jonny and Bénédicte: an unforgettable Destination Wedding


The wedding was an unforgettable experience, a dream come true for Jonny and Bénédicte, and a source of pride for me and my team. The exclusivity and uniqueness of the design project perfectly captured the couple’s desires and expectations. Every aspect reflected their vision, from exquisitely adorned spaces of exceptional beauty to meticulous attention to detail. However, we firmly believe that the exhilarating pre-wedding and post-wedding moments, coupled with the infectious energy of this wonderful couple, truly elevated the entire event into a memorable and cherished experience.