Getting married in Tuscany: perfect tips for a boho chic wedding

If you are looking for something that may make you boho chic wedding a special one, just take a few minutes a read more.

Is getting married in Tuscany one of the things you have always dreamt of? Then perfect! Just follow a few simple steps to make your special day unforgettable.

If you go for a boho chic ceremony, it definitely means that you are a romantic one who loves to show your love without following too many rules.

Not to many rules, but clear, I would add.

A typical boho chic ceremony would consist of boho colors, details and fabrics, an extraordinary mix of gypsy, elegant and ethereal elements, in short a way of being more than just a style!

Here are some simple tips for a wonderful boho chic wedding day.

  1. Your wedding gown. There is no need to underline the fact that you will be the undisputed protagonist of that day. Beautiful, smiley, ready for a new life as  a couple, you will be able to find the perfect boho chic wedding gown, a long dress with soft lines and pastel colors. Everything shall be matching the style, including the hair style with loose wavy hair with a tiara made of flowers. No wedding veil if you choose boho chic style.
  2. Wedding invitations. You shall definitely choose natural materials. Say yes to cotton, rice paper, linen and jute. Also their colors shall be chosen very carefully, since they will have to match with the other decorations. Never forget that informal fabrics can be very elegant at the same time.
  3. The wedding bouquet You don’t need to follow any specific rules when it comes to your wedding bouquet besides letting your imagination run free. One of the things we may suggest though is choosing colors that match with the setup of your ceremony just as it happens in any other occasion. Beautiful flowers, better if in large quantities, this is what reminds the hippy and  fancy style, the so called boho chic style.
  4. The venue.  It is not  a secret if we say that it shall be informal. Absolutely better if outdoor, weather permitting obviously. Why don’t you think of one of the unique and exclusive Tuscan beaches, or a wonderful hill as to enjoy local landscape fully on your special day?
  5. Details. you should never take them for granted since details themselves may give your wedding party fuller brightness and perfection.

Once it is clear that you want Tuscany in the background, it will not be difficult to choose additional details as to make your wedding a perfect boho chic wedding either in the countryside or on the beach.