Getting married in the Tuscan hills


If you are about to get married this means that you are making your dreams come true. This is the first reason why every single detail shall be unforgettable and everybody, above all you, shall breath an enchanting timeless and spaceless atmosphere.

If you are a romantic and dreamy woman, who loves nature and freedom, this type of solution is exactly what you are looking for. Every wedding is special and unique, since it all depends on the organization, on the spouses, their personality and their enchanting and special love. Well, we DO have something that can make your special day even more special. What is it? The vehicle you choose for example. Just remember that every solution is custom made and there is one or more than one that are absolutely perfect for your wedding in the hills.

The Vespa scooter

You cannot think of the hills without thinking of the romantic rides on the renowned Vespa scooter along which you will be given the chance to enjoy the most enchanting atmosphere ever. The Vespa scooter has been chosen by many young couples who want to feel like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in the popular movie called “Vacanze romane”, and it has always represented a timeless image of undisputed romance. The color you choose for your Vespa scooter is also important, since it has to match with the theme color of your wedding. As we all well know, details DO matter.

If your wedding dress makes your Vespa scooter riding a bit uncomfortable, you can choose a sidecar. A perfect choice for a vintage wedding.

On a bike

If your choice goes green, but you still want to have a wedding on a two-wheel vehicle, you can opt for a bike. Bike represents an original vehicle for weddings but it is getting rapidly more and more popular.   It is a perfect choice for eco spouses who want to honor their values even on their special day, but it can be a suitable option also for those who want to try something different but elegant at the same time. Couples who arrive on their bike are absolutely funny and charming. Not to be underestimated the price.  If you opt for a bike, this won’t definitely weigh on your budget.

The Ape scooter

Who would ever say that Ape scooter, the vehicle that people point at while driving because of its reduced speed, can be a vehicle chosen by many couples on their special day? But it is definitely so. More and more spouses want an Ape scooter for their wedding. You can choose among the shades that you prefer and also make it match with the theme color of your wedding.  This is the perfect choice for couples who like to have fun themselves and also amuse their guests.

Getting married in the Tuscan hills is magic, romantic and funny, you just need to choose the vehicle that suits you best. This area made in Tuscany has never been so unique and charming.