Eco-Friendly Bridal Gown: new “green” trends for bridal fashion in 2022

Whenever you imagine a bridal gown, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic wide and princess like gown. But, as we know, times are changing and with them brides’ choices and bridal fashion. We have observed over the last five years how bridal collections have transformed, bringing to light new visions for the bride, burgeoning with personality. To be expected… The new 2022 collections bring new surprises, giving primacy to a new concept: the eco-friendly bridal gown.

Eco-Friendly Bridal Gown: collections now focus on sustainability

We were able to witness this monumental shift during the last runway shows of  bridal week, first among them by Sì Sposaitalia. The designer shifted their attention to new generations of future brides, their lifestyle and their desires, and in doing so creating this new 2022 trend. What we see throughout most new collections of international and italian designers is the guiding thread of focusing on sustainability.

A concept, that pairs wonderfully with other current wedding trends such as: locally sourced or sustainable wedding. An ideal way to host your nuptials amidst the nature and unique landscapes of Tuscany.

Bridal Collections 2022, from linen to hemp to fiberglass and recycled plastic…

It is not easy to envision a bridal gown that truly embraces sustainability, however our Made in Italy is able to keep rising to the forefront thanks to two eclectic designers such as Elisabetta Polignano and Peter Langner. The latter, had already begun moving towards these “green” trends with his “Panarea” dress in his 2021 collection, made entirely of recycled paper.

Who really made a mark with her eco-friendly collection is Elisabetta Polignano. She experimented with various fabrics and looks through the use of linen, hemp and raw cotton. Finishing with recycled plastic, the main component in see-through bridal capes and jackets. Innovative and full of personality.

Even two big giants in bridal fashion, such as Pronovias and Nicole, have begun innovating with their new collections. The Spanish fashion house has shifted its focus to two main aspects: sustainability and comfort. Nicole Spose instead, showcased for the first time ever a collection that was 100% eco-friendly, made of recycled materials such as fiberglass.

If a future bride to be desires an eco-friendly option for her dress, it will no longer be limiting, on the contrary she will have an embarrassment of riches to choose from.