Christmas decorations 2020: new trends and unmissable decorations

Is there anything more wonderful then the cold air that December brings? Cold, snow, soft sweater, a hot tea, the aromas, but above all Christmas. In a year unlike any other, the warmth Christmas is just what you need to fill our homes with joy and hope.  But, what are the unmissable Christmas decorations and new trends for Christmas decorations for 2020?

Christmas decorations 2020
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Christmas decorations 2020: ritual green or Scandinavian style

A greater focus on nature, joined with the magic of winter. One of the decoration styles most in vogue this Christmas is Scandinavian style.

Christmas decorations 2020
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Neutral colors like beige, white, green and brown, inspired by the typical nature of fir trees and the mountainous countryside. Minimalist design in the decorations, made of simple materials such as wood, flower, cinnamon, leaves or wool, hallmarks of the Nordic style. Above all it needs to be made by artisans, the must have of the year is precisely all things “hand-made”, to fully enjoy the magical air of Christmas.

Silken Party, the style centered around elegance

Soft lines, opaque colors for the tree ornaments and a touch of elegance with fabrics like felt or satin. Christmas decorations for 2020 in the silken party style are sophisticated, but still capable of creating a magical atmosphere.

Christmas decorations 2020
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The trendy colors this year are pale ocher, brown, peach and lilac, faint colors that when paired with the typical whites and silver of the Christmas period, fill your home with magic, sparkle and elegance.

Christmas decorations 2020: what you cannot go without?

Decorating your home for Christmas is always a great joy, a moment to partake in together, for both adults and kids. Beyond, the classic tree ornaments, the garlands and the nativity scene, this year you cannot go without hanging string lights.

Christmas decorations 2020
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Hanging them from doors or from windows, you can in no time at all envelop your home with their warm and welcoming light, creating an ideal atmosphere for the holidays.