Bridal party gifts: tips to help make the right choice

Your best friends for life, those that you met between school desks and with whom you have shared the joy and suffering of life. These will be the people you will chose to be part of your bridal party the day of your wedding and to thank them, you need to think of something really special. Here are some ideas for your bridal party gifts.

bridal party gifts
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Bridal Party gifts: tech is always a good choice

Among the most common bridal party gifts are tech gifts. Generally, somewhat expensive, they make life easier and make anyone receiving them smile. For your friend who loves to read, but who is always on the go, an e-reader would be ideal. Perfect also if the wedding is eco-friendly. Highly portable, a single object to download hundreds of books and magazines to browse at any time of the day.

bridal party gifts
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For your friends who are passionate about wine, you could gift them a wine testing in a Tuscany wine cellar. This is an unforgettable experience, even more so if done during the grape harvest period. In fact, in many Tuscany wine cellars it is possible to watch the grape harvest, totally immersing yourself in nature and the beauty of simple things.

bridal party gifts
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If your wedding witnesses are adventurous types, there is nothing better than a canyoning or rafting experience in the Val di Lima torrents in the Garfagnana area. Harnesses, wetsuits, currents and the beauty of the Tuscan mountains all around – an adrenalin-filled adventure.

Wellness package or some jewelry

Spas, massages, swimming pools, whirlpools and nature walks. The best gift a bride can give her bridesmaids is a wonderful wellness package in a hotel or farmhouse in the heart of Tuscany or at the wonderful Saturnia spa.

bridal party gifts
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A relaxing experience of a single day or a whole weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even better if the bride and her bridesmaids share the experience. A way to relive and remember the good times of your wedding in a thermal water pool.

Alternatively, for bridesmaids, you could always gift some jewelry, such as a bracelet or a pair of earrings or something on which to engrave a memorable phrase. Having something to remember the wedding of your dearest friend for life is invaluable.

Bridal party gifts: and the groomsmen?

Even if at first, a gift your groomsmen can seem complicated, in actuality that is not the case. The most common gifts are cufflinks, elegant and bespoke they are also well received, even more if personalized with their initials. For the music lovers who appreciate vintage style, a throwback retro record player or a collection of old vinyl records could be the perfect gift. What are some simple tips for chosing a gift for your bridal party?

  • Remember to put out some feelers before buying anything
  • Have a set budge
  • Do not get anything in a hurry

These gifts will represent your appreciation for their wonderful friendship and need to selected with the appropriate care. As only a friend can do.