Bridal collections 2021: the new bridal look trends

Romantic, unique, sensual and elegant. These are the adjectives that describe the woman imagined by the designers for their new bridal collections 2021. Here are some of the trends for next year’s bridal look!

Fonte | Nicole Spose

Bridal collections 2021: the concept of transformability

In the fifteenth century, the brides of wealthier families loved to wear dresses with detachable and decorated sleeves. Because once removed, gave the opportunity to reuse the dress for other occasions. Now, this same concept come back to life also in the bridal collections 2021.

Bridal collection 2021
Fonte | Nicole Spose

Lace bodysuits or crop tops complete with tulle skirts, detachable sleeves, sinuous bridal dresses hidden by a detachable over skirt or simple light bridal capes covering the shoulders.

Bridal collection 2021
Fonte | Pronovias

Whether it is a way to reuse some accessories or simply to change the look between the ceremony and the wedding reception, there are in fact many solutions found by bridal designers to give the bride a touch of versatility. The touch that will make her unique and beautiful, the protagonist of her big day.

Voluminous bridal dresses…

The bulkiness of bridal dresses models is one of the major news of the bridal collections 2021. From flowers in 3D to soft drapes, up to experiments of all kinds created by shaping fabrics as if they were clay.

To this explosion of creativity are added puff sleeves. Wide and voluminous, they become the real protagonists of the dress, from the sensual to the most princely styles, everything depends on how much you want to dare.

Bridal collection 2021
Fonte | Leila Hafzi

Bridal collections 2021: focus on the lightness and transparencies

If in the collective imagination the wedding dress is fluffy, chaste and romantic, the new trends go beyond any belief.
The bride 2021 can dare a more sensual wedding outfit through wide necklines and transparencies with tattoo effect. This effect gives a lively a touch to the dress without losing femininity.

Bridal Collection 2021
Fonte | Pronovias

The same effect applies to slipped silk dresses with a bias cut. Their softness reminiscent of lingerie, but they do not lose their essence of wedding dresses. For a winter ceremony those models are perfect with stoles and capes beacuse they combine simplicity, elegance and innovation for a style that will remain forever.

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