Parker and Gina
Uniquely Colorful and Vibrant Wedding in Florence

Describing the wedding of Parker and Gina still excites us today. They are a close couple with clear ideas about their most beautiful day. That wedding day never seemed to arrive because of the double postponement due to the pandemic, but that, in their hearts and minds, had never vanished, coming after so much waiting for the realization. A dream of love #madeinitaly, an unforgettable experience first for them but also for their loved ones.

Parker and Ginafrom America to Italy to pronounce the fateful “Yes, I do!”

Both Americans immediately chose to immerse themselves in the beauties our fabulous country offers, arriving here in Tuscany to crown their wedding. In one of the cities of art par excellence and destination of dream weddings: Florence.

The ceremony and reception occurred at the beautiful Villa le Fontanelle on a terrace with breathtaking views over the whole city. The setting of two days of celebrations, with a pizza party the night before the wedding to welcome the guests and conclude the following day with a ceremony and reception en plein air.

Florence as a setting for memorable pictures

One of the most magical moments of the days spent here in Italy was undoubtedly the photo session at dawn in the historic center of Florence while everything and everyone was still sleeping. Parker and Gina could thus enjoy in peace the architectural beauties of the UNESCO heritage city, such as the iconic Duomo and Ponte Vecchio.

The first morning lights have allowed us to discover the state capital under a new, less chaotic, and more magical guise, transformed for the occasion into the perfect setting for memorable shots with that Italian lifestyle quid.

Finally, the wedding theme focused on the soft colors of spring and, with more vital summer references, saw touches of bright pink and roses everywhere as protagonists. A joyful atmosphere, love, and unity of family and friends were always the undisputed protagonists. From the ceremony, where Gina wanted her five bridesmaids next to her, including sisters and friends, to the reception with a wedding project characterized by an imperial table and the wedding cake with fresh strawberries.