5 unmissable cocktails for your wedding: the selection of the most iconic and coolest Italian drinks

Tuscany and Italy are famous for their culinary, food, and wine traditions. It is no coincidence that those who choose to marry in the Belpaese want to experience the territory and enjoy its delicacies. Why not amaze the guests with a selected and personalized drinks menu. Characterized by the Italian Style touch! So, what are the 5 unmissable (Italian) cocktails for your wedding?

5 unmissable cocktails for your wedding: here are the most famous of the Belpaese

If to accompany the reception’s dinner between chats, courses, and smiles, there are the fine Tuscan wines and bubbles to welcome the location and continue the celebrations during the party some cocktails can’t missing! We are not talking about any drinks, but rather about those known worldwide as Italy’s most iconic – and coolest -.

Some colors recall the territory and sunsets, such as Bellini and Rossini with peach and red colors. Others remind some of the famous films, such as the 2021 reinterpretation of Diabolik, where the Negroni cocktail is the protagonist of one of the most important scenes of the film.

So, it’s time to discover all the peculiarities of the unmissable 5 wedding cocktails.


Its nuances recall the impressions of the typical Tuscan sunsets. Although its origins come from the beautiful Venice, to be exact, it came to life in the Harry’s Bar. Its name is inspired by the colors of the works of art of the painter Giovanni Bellini. Which are the ingredients? Peach pulp and juice (hence the pink color) and sparkling white wine.

5 unmissable cocktails for your wedding


If the peaches color the Bellini, in the Rossini we find strawberries. It can also be called the cocktail of love for its sweetness and red color. Rossini consists of prosecco, champagne, or sparkling wine with strawberry puree. One thing is sure: this is the perfect drink for those who love sweetness!

5 unmissable cocktails for your wedding

3. Aperol Spritz: the “King” of the 5 unmissable cocktails for your wedding

It’s the cocktail par excellence of the Italian Style aperitif! The Spritz. It also has Venetian origins. Its orange shades and the slice of orange make it recognizable worldwide. It’s made with Prosecco or white wine, Aperol and sparkling water. The unmissable drink to welcome guests on-site!

5 unmissable cocktails for your wedding

4. Negroni classic or wrong?

The classic was born in honor of Count Camillo Negroni in Florence and is a mixture of Red Vermouth, gin, Bitter Campari or Martini, with ice and an orange slice. The “wrong” Negroni results from a bartender’s “mistake” at the end of the 60s at the Bar Basso in Milan, who confused the bottle of gin with the one of prosecco, giving the cocktail more lightness and effervescence.

5 unmissable cocktails for your wedding

5. Hugo

It is the perfect cocktail for a summer wedding, thanks to its low alcohol content and unique freshness. Let’s talk about this: the Hugo. It is a “young age” drink. Created in 2005 in South Tyrol, it can be defined as the reinterpretation of the classic Spritz. What ingredients do you see inside? Sparkling wine, lemongrass syrup or elderflower syrup, soda and mint.

The list of drinks is long, but if you want a wedding in full Italian style, one thing is sure: at least one of the 5 cocktails just mentioned needs to be included!

5 unmissable cocktails for your wedding

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